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Cursed gifts - the game

100 cards + rules + storage box.

Cursed Gifts is a wacky card game where the goal is to poison your opponents by giving them Cursed Gifts in order to eliminate them.


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everything about

The game

Cursed Gifts is a funny game you can play with anyone, your friends, your kids or your family.

2 x Slime ingots
2 x grimoire of boils
2 x Poke ass roll
2 x Fabulass Treasure
1 x Cursed Gift 5 PTS
2 x Cursed Gift 4 PTS
1 x Cursed Gift 4 PTS Inevitable
3 x Cursed Gift 3 PTS
1 x Cursed Gift 3 PTS Inevitable
7 x Cursed Gift 2 PTS
4 x Cursed Gift 2 PTS Inevitable
7 x Cursed Gift 1 PTS
3 x Cursed Gift 1 PTS Inevitable
2 x Wizardog of bones
3 x Toilet paper mummy
3 x Snatching
2 x Farting Pegasus
2 x Day of mourning
2 x Emergency siren
2 x Manta ray protection
3 x Shitty Karma
2 x Free yeti hug
3 x Antidote -1 pts
2 x Antidote -2 pts
1 x Antidote -5 pts
3 x Poo bomber
1 x Infernal jackpot
3 x Toilet genius
2 x Voodoobear
3 x Little Red Riding woolf
2 x Organ poseidonation
3 x Evileven
3 x Seal you in hell
2 x Mummycorn
2 x Poovalanche
3 x Serial Pumpkiller
3 x Trollol
2 x Dirtyvorous plant
2 x Tutancarton
2 x Frankenstink

The goal of the game is to fill the Cursed area of your opponents to eliminate them from the game. Once they reach at least 10 points, the opponent has lost, the other players continue to curse each other until the last survivor: the winner!

Our cards are standard 63 x 88 mm (pokemon, magic).

The game is currently only available in English.

Rules of the game

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